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Thinking of giving you a sensual massage?

Whether it is the first time that you are going to try the experience of an erotic massage, or if you have already tried many more, we want you to be informed and feel comfortable in every moment that you spend with us.

Therefore, we would like to explain to you how is the treatment and experience of giving yourself a relaxing and sensual massage at Masajes Malai.

The first thing is that all our massages are focused on what our clients want, whether it is a manual termination where massage reigns, sensations, skin to skin, relaxation ... or letting yourself go and unleash everything that arises between the two, or three! Unleashing your emotions and giving it a very sensual touch. We have also thought about foot lovers and fantasies.

In any case, we try at all times to please you according to your expectations; we listen to you and we want to know what you would like the most; the pressure of the massage, the level of sensuality, if you want to let yourself go or take control ... we are open to all the comments and suggestions that you want to expose so that you leave completely renewed both physically and mentally.

If you have decided to visit us, you just have to call or write us a WhatsApp to arrange the day and time that best suits you.

Upon arrival, we offer you water, soda or beer. The masseuse of your choice will offer you a relaxing shower. The same will be once the service is finished when you want.

What differentiates us from the rest is that there is no one else in the center other than the masseurs themselves, with the utmost discretion and the closest and most intimate treatment you will find. We are private masseurs.

We have three massage rooms, equipped with bed, tatami, and stretcher. We have disposable items exclusively for you; disposable sheets, sponges and slippers.

We have a continuous daily cleaning service and we guarantee maximum hygiene in our facilities.

The masseurs are cultivated, educated, cared for, totally hygienic and well-groomed ladies, you will want to lose yourself between our hair, arms, hands, legs ... we are beautiful, adorable and friendly. We take health, appearance and personal hygiene very seriously; it is something fundamental for both parties. We really are normal girls doing what we like.

Our massages are relaxing, as well as sensual; being able to be sports / therapeutic if you wish, from feet to neck. Do not forget that we want to satisfy all your expectations, tell us what you like the most!

From Masajes Malai, we welcome you and hope that our experience with us will be to repeat!

It should be noted that we give and ask for MAXIMUM PRIVACY AND DISCRETION in all our appointments.

We will be delighted to be able to count on you and share our most intimate stories by your side!

See you soon!

te escuchamos y queremos saber que es lo que mas te gustaría; la presión del masaje, el nivel de sensualidad, si quieres dejarte llevar o tomar el mando... estamos abiertas a todos los comentarios y sugerencias

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