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We are located in one of the best areas of Madrid, in a very discreet place where we want you to feel at home.  We give and ask for maximum discretion. 

In a quiet and welcoming environment, we have made sure that every detail fills you with peace, tranquility and security. 

erotic massageIt is taught in bed, tatami or stretcher. As you wish. 

We have three fully equipped and air-conditioned rooms for your comfort.

You can shower upon arrival, departure; or whenever you like.

In all our appointments we have disposable items, new and clean towels.

Exclusively for you. 

Mouthwash, gel, deodorant; all you need! If you need something else, just ask :)

We are here for you to relax, to enjoy, to have a good time. Modern, impeccable facilities and close and unbeatable treatment!

Everything in life must have a balance.Be kind, seek peace of mind and you will obtain health for your body

Book your appointment at el 612261702

We wish to see you soon!

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