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Nuru Massage Madrid

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Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage whose origins date back to Japan. The word “Nuru” comes from Japan and means slippery.
Nuru massage is a type of massage that involves contactbody to body
Using a large amount of nuru massage gel which allows a good sliding of one body against the other and this creates a very sensual massage and a very special connection. Very high erotic charge.
Henuru massage It is a type of massage that is performed with a gel called NURU, ULTRA slippery to ensure that the massage can be given successfully.
The type of oil used has unique specific characteristics that others do not have and that makes it very special. This type of gel is odorless, does not smell, hypoallergenic and has a very thick but at the same time flexible, elastic and sticky texture, which is not quickly absorbed by the skin so as not to make it greasy.SIt is applied generously and abundantly on the skin of the person and the masseuse, until it can slide over the entire body of the recipient, face down and face up, changing positions.
The masseuse will use hands, feet, legs, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, knees... both caressing and pressing, rubbing, squeezing, imprisoning and enveloping the recipient of the massage in a delight of sensations.

It is taught without clothes, being able to interact,  the completion is complete
ONE HOUR €150 

masaje nuru madrid
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