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Relaxing erotic massage

Erotic massage with manual ending (Lingam)

It is a type of manual technique that relaxes the man's body completely, helping him to be able to channel his sexual energy. The objective of this type of erotic massage is not the orgasm itself but, like any other massage, is to ensure that the person receiving it can relax. 
We will discover what a massage with a manual ending or lingam is, telling you everything you need to know about this surprising (and pleasant) manual technique.
​It is done with the aim of relaxing or loosening the muscles in a certain area or the entire body... For muscles loaded either by stress or fatigue. 
Sensual and aromatic relaxing massage. 
Ideal if you are starting out in the world of relaxing and sensual massage and want to try the sensations it generates or relax from the routine with a very pleasant ending. It is the perfect combination, with a wide variety of therapeutic benefits.
Using the hands and body with specialized relaxation and mutual connection techniques.  Given with cream or almond oil.
Performed naked, being able to caress each other.
Termination is one or two manual relaxations 


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